Service is our determination

Zindagi | Kothari Foundation

Kothari Foundation being a non profit organization determined to help 

Vision - To reach each and every person in need to make this world a better place to live and help the mankind.

Mission  - As we are at our developing stage we are trying to reach out, to most of the people in need but as we devlop more while building up our resources we would try to serve all across the nation.


Kothari Foundation is a NGO working under the Guidance of Shri Maneesh Kothari from Ujjain. Shree Maneesh Kothari is a Renowned  Businessman and a Social Worker in Ujjain. Kothari Foundation  is carrying out Covid-19 relief work through distribution of ration, foods, medicines, Oxygen Cylinders & Concentrators and Car Porter Facilities to the resourceless communities and needy in Madhya Pradesh Region and providing meals to some daily wage workers and domestic help who have been rendered jobless in the current situation.