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Gone are the days when customers were paying hefty fees to Real Estate consultants to invest their hard earn money. Customer today require effective and profitable advice for real estate investment. Kohtari Associate under the leadership of Mr. Maneesh Kothari is Central India's first  steps Real Estate consultancy firm that enables their clients to invest in profitable assets.

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About Mr. Maneesh Kothari

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One of the budding and rising businessman in the world of real estate as a Real Estate Consultant in Ujjain or Real Estate Agent is Mr. Maneesh Kothari .

Mr. Maneesh Kothari, Born and brought up in Ujjain, this beaming and the quick-witted man was born on 31 st January 1976 and has seen struggle since the time of his birth. Mr. Maneesh Kothari ’s family owned a small store in Ujjain and used the money to feed the family and put up with his education.

But The young businessman Mr. Maneesh Kothari saw an upraise when he was given an opportunity as an LIC agent in 1998. Due to his hard work and determination, he was promoted again and again and in 2007, the company awarded him with the position of the Chief Advisor.

Mr. Maneesh has seen many difficulties in his life and so, now has a unique vision to his work that makes him stand out. He maps out his future plans in an articulate and efficient manner and so has been able to maintain and put forward various successful projects and sites. His efforts and forward-mindedness has made him one of the best and renowned personalities in the world of real estate. Mr. Maneesh Kothari’s project of “PARSAVNATH CITY” which was built 7 years back, has brought a transformation in the city of Ujjain by providing people with housing facilities at reasonable costs.

Due to his passion, Mr. Maneesh Kothari in Ujjain now runs a brick manufacturing company in the name of Parsavnath industries and has been providing building material for the development of Ujjain. His determining vision has led him to bring several changes in the lives of the people of Ujjain and now he aims high.




 "There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed."

Chief Advisor

In 2007, the Life Insurance Corporation awarded Mr. Maneesh Kothari with the position of the Chief Advisor.

Parshvnath City

Mr. Maneesh Kothari launched project of “PARSAVNATH CITY” in with the aim to provide people with housing facilities at reasonable costs.





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    Zindagi | Kothari Foundation

    Kothari Foundation being a non profit organization determined to help 

    Vision - To reach each and every person in need to make this world a better place to live and help the mankind.

    Mission  - As we are at our developing stage we are trying to reach out, to most of the people in need but as we devlop more while building up our resources we would try to serve all across the nation.


    Kothari Foundation is a NGO working under the Guidance of Shri Maneesh Kothari from Ujjain. Shree Maneesh Kothari is a Renowned  Businessman and a Social Worker in Ujjain. Kothari Foundation  is carrying out Covid-19 relief work through distribution of ration, foods, medicines, Oxygen Cylinders & Concentrators and Car Porter Facilities to the resourceless communities and needy in Madhya Pradesh Region and providing meals to some daily wage workers and domestic help who have been rendered jobless in the current situation.